The Lake Calhoun Sailing School is excited to announce our new Membership Program!  To further our mission of fostering a vibrant sailing community in the City of Lakes we are expanding access to our large fleet of sailboats through membership. 

What is it?

The membership program is for anyone looking to share our love of sailing and an appreciation for Lake Calhoun. Our goal for the membership program is to reduce barriers to sailing in the heart of Minneapolis. For new sailors and seasoned skippers, the membership program removes the stress of boat ownership and makes the joy and beauty of sailing in the city of lakes a reality for everyone. 

As a member of LCSS, your benefits include:

  • Access to use our sailboats during open sailing hours
  • Bring family and friends out sailing free of charge during open sailing
  • Large discounts on our classes
  • Participation in all weekly Calhoun Yacht Club races
  • Regular social events at Lake Calhoun and elsewhere
  • Opportunity to volunteer instruct and help organize events

How much does it cost?

Individual Membership: $300
Family Membership: $450

The annual membership fee is valid for one calendar year from date of purchase.  Members receive discounts on our classes:  Family members receive discounted class prices for the whole family; Individuals only for themselves.

How does it work?

Members who seek to skipper a sailboat are evaluated according to the type of boat and wind conditions in which they can safely sail.  New members are not required to take our instructional classes, but they are encouraged. During open sailing, members have access to the boat and wind condition for which they are rated. Before setting sail, members must fill out a checkout sheet and get approval from the dockmaster.  

There are four wind speed levels:

  • Green Flag – 1-10 knots
  • Yellow Flag – 11-15 knots
  • Red Flag – 16-20 knots
  • Black Flag – 21+ knots 

Successful completion of our beginning classes earns a green flag rating.  Completing an intermediate class earns a yellow rating and an advanced class grants red flag rating.  Sailing is not allowed in winds higher than 21 knots.  Wind conditions are determined by the dockmaster.

Members are not required to take a class to receive a rating.  Individual evaluations will be performed as needed to determine the appropriate rating. 

Open Sailing Hours

For 2017, the membership sailing season begins May 12th and ends October 5th. Open sailing hours are: 

  • Tuesday-Friday 5PM – Sunset 
  • Saturday-Sunday 12PM – Sunset
  • Monday - Closed

How do I join?

Click on the button below to start the registration process.  You will be directed to our Active registration system.   Add the LCSS Membership Session to your cart.  You will notice that the price is shown as $0 at this point.  You will choose your membership type at checkout. 

  1. Enter your email address to create an Active account 
  2. Enter participant information
  3. Chose which membership level you want to purchase 
  4. Complete registration forms and waivers
  5. Review cart and check out

member price for classes

Upon registering for membership you will be emailed a code to apply the membership discount.  Membership discount will be added at checkout after completing all registration forms.