The Lake Calhoun Sailing School has a new and improved adult sailing program:  

  • Class offerings have doubled with Monday/Wednesday and Tuesday/Thursday evening classes.  
  • Class sizes are reduced, allowing for more personal instruction.
  • The curriculum has improved and now includes free US Sailing Textbooks for each student.
  • Successful completion of each class automatically grants a wind rating for our Membership Program

adult Beginning 420

The beginning 420 sailing course includes 15 hours of instruction over two weeks. The 420 sailboat is a fast and responsive boat ideal for learning to sail. We provide instructors on shore and on the water to make learning to sail fun and easy.

Students will learn everything they need to skipper the boat and crew the boat including sail-theory, boat parts, landing at a dock or buoy and open water sailing.


We offer two week Intermediate 420 sailing class for students who have already completed our beginning sailing class or have previous sailing experience and want to learn more. 15 hours of small group instruction will focus on preparing you for to be confident sailing the 420 in medium and heavy air.

Students will learn more advanced on-the-water boat handling, sail theory and an introduction to racing and spinnaker sailing.


This two week beginning sailing course makes use of our three 23-foot Ensign keelboats. Each boat is sailed with four students and an instructor, although accommodations can be made for up to six students in the boat if a larger group or family wishes to learn together.

Sailors will learn how to rig the boat, land at a dock or buoy, and basic boat handling needed to sail independently in light winds. By the end of the 15 hour course, students will be light wind certified to use our boats as a part of the membership program.